3 Baby Shower Games Pack

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  • EASY & FUN ENTERTAINMENT, 3 BABY SHOWER GAMES ( 50 SHEETS EACH- TOTAL 150 Sheets): You get 3 games in this pack with 50 sheets per game. No need to shop for more games. Make your party an unforgettable one by playing our baby shower games. Guests will enjoy this easy and interactive game. Perfect Icebreaker. Excellent entertainment idea for baby showers
  • WHAT’S IN YOUR PURSE (50 Sheets): Get points for stuff in your purse and win
  • THINK LIKE MOMMY(50 Sheets): Guess what word mommy would use to finish the phrase. The answer is only right if it is same as Mommy’s. Guest with most right answers wins!
  • BABY WORD SEARCH (50 Sheets): Find the words, first one to find most words wins
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This baby shower entertainment kit contains everything you need to throw the perfect party for the Mom to be.
“BABY WORD SEARCH” is a game that encourages guests to find the words listed in the game.
“WHAT’S IN YOUR PURSE” is a fun baby shower game that awards you point for things that you have in your purse. You will be lucky to carry unusual stuff in your purse.
“THINK LIKE MOMMY” Guess what word mommy would use to finish the phrase. The answer is only right if it is same as Mommy’s.

No need to spend your time and money on shopping multiple games. Planet Mango team worked hard to design the most common interesting games to keep your guest busy and have fun during baby shower party. We hope you like our collection.

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These are definitely the best baby shower games for guests.

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